Hello! Jason Bay here, thanks for stopping by.

If you answer any of these questions with a resounding "YES!," you're in the right place.

  • Does your online reputation NOT reflect the true experience that the majority of your customers and employees have when interacting with your company?
  • Are you ashamed to share your business on your online social media profiles for fear that your peers or friends may place negative judgement on your company's online reputation?
  • Is your online reputation negatively affecting your company's ability to sell your products and/or services?

What I Do

I help transform the online reputation of service-based companies across the United States. 

Here are my areas of focus:

  • Online Review Sites. Sites like Yelp, Angie's List, Google Places, Glassdoor, Houzz will rank well in Google searches and it's essential to have great reviews and ratings across the board. I work with your team to create a strategy in which your employees are motivated to generate positive reviews from your customers.
  • Content Creation. Creating positive content to fill Google searches can be an incredibly effective strategy for pushing down negative sites. I can help you land press releases, company awards and launch a podcast and/or write great blog content.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Everything we do with reputation management is in hopes of affecting SEO results. The #1 goal is move negative sites down in Google searches, or turn them into positive sites (in the case of review sites). I can help you push negative sites down in Google searches related to your company.

My goal is to provide a multi-faceted strategy to help you fix your online reputation. The areas of focus I listed above by themselves won't accomplish much in the way of creating massive transformation in your online reputation. But together, we can create powerful results together that improve your online reputation, boost morale and generate more revenue.

What Makes Me Different?

Simply stated, I understand the technical aspects of Online Reputation Management (ORM), but also understand branding. I'm not just a technical guy who knows a bunch about SEO, but has never worked in a service-based business before. I've managed hundred of service-based clients and led multi-million dollar projects. I understand your business because I've most likely run or worked for a business like yours before.

I only use strategies and techniques that will work for your company in the long term. There are no gimmicks here. You won't be able to change your reputation overnight and I don't provide overnight solutions. If you're looking to fix your online reputation overnight, I'm not your guy.

More About My Experience

At 19, I was hired by a company called College Works Painting (CWP) and ran my first business painting houses for a summer. After that first summer, I quickly had an opportunity to help hire, train and manage new students through the program. Through my college years at Oregon State University, I worked with 100+ salespeople and 1,500+ homeowners. It was through this experience that I gained a true understanding of how to deliver excellent customer service.

After college, I was promoted to be the Marketing Director for CWP. For 3 years, I managed everything marketing related for CWP. CWP operates in 30+ markets across the United States and is a $35 million company that works with 10,000+ homeowners annually.

When I first came on board as the Marketing Director for CWP, they had a horrible online reputation. Nearly every review site was 1/5 stars across the board and their presence on Google was terrible.

We spent 3 years figuring out the problem. After spending hundreds of thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours to fix the problem, I figured out the process. There were no shortcuts and it was a combination of branding, SEO and content creation tactics that created the transformation in their online reputation.

I've been working with companies like CWP ever since then. I put together a case study of the work I did with CWP and a step-by-step guide for fixing your online reputation. Click here to download and check it out.

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